Austin Accident Lawyer Stephen G. Nagle Will Get You Back On Your Feet After A Slip and Fall Injury

There are many conditions on the ground that can cause you to sustain a slip and fall injury, such as poor lighting in a hallway, a wet floor that is not properly marked, elevator drops, wheelchair ramps without handrails and even store products falling off shelves.

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from grocery stores, shopping malls and hotels to workplaces, such as construction sites. Some common construction accidents are due to a slip and fall.

Injuries from slip and fall accidents include broken bones, broken hips, back injuries and neck injuries. In some extreme cases, slip and fall accidents result in injury to the brain or spinal cord. Austin spinal injury lawyer Stephen G. Nagle is a personal injury law specialist* who will handle all aspects of your slip and fall case, using over 35 years of experience to get you the compensation you deserve.

Most slip and fall cases hinge on premises liability. “Premises liability” refers to laws that hold an owner of property responsible for injuries suffered by persons on their premises. Proving premises liability generally comes down to whether the owner of the property has used reasonable care to keep the property safe so visitors are not injured. That duty of care remains the same whether the property is residential, commercial or owned by the government. However, commercial property open to the public has strict requirements for what is acceptable risk. Generally, to be successful in your slip and fall claim, you must prove one of the following:

NAGLE’S NUGGET: If able, take photos of the location and condition of where you fell as soon as possible. This will help in the investigation of your case.

It is common in slip and fall cases for the court to determine if your carelessness contributed to the accident. In Texas, the rule of comparative negligence applies to slip and fall cases. As a guest on someone else’s property, you have a responsibility to exercise reasonable caution and avoid open and obvious dangers. Austin injury lawyer Stephen G. Nagle has the knowledge and ability to handle any slip and fall case.

Stephen G. Nagle & Associates focuses on serious personal injury cases that have substantial affect on the lives of the victim and the victim’s family. Slip and fall injuries are no different than injuries from car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle and bicycle accidents in that the victim is entitled to compensation for substantial present and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. It is important not to hesitate in getting help if you have a slip and fall injury. It is crucial to gather all important evidence in a timely manner and to promptly determine the length of time the owner of the property knew of the condition that caused the slip and fall accident. Contact an Austin injury attorney at Stephen G. Nagle & Associates immediately for a free, no risk consultation.