Defective Products Can Cause A Personal Injury

Austin injury lawyer Stephen G. Nagle is just like you. He is a consumer, and he is a proud Texan. He purchases the same products and is at the same risk. Austin injury attorney Stephen G. Nagle is resolute in his belief that all Texans should feel safe when they purchase products in the market place.

Injured people bring defective product cases under the premise of products liability. “Products liability” is a term used for laws that compensate for personal injury because of defective or dangerous products. In Texas, manufacturers are strictly liable for defective products that cause injuries. This means that the injured party only needs to show that the product was defective and that the defect caused the injury. Defects in products can be in design (how it was engineered), manufacture (how it was made) and marketing (the labeling or advertising set unreasonable expectations of the product’s safety). Generally, a product is defective if it does not work as intended.

Products that can be defective include automobiles, tires or brakes, which can cause car accidents, truck accidents or motorcycle and bicycle accidents; toys; children’s products; building materials, which can cause construction accidents; furniture (fire hazards); appliances/grills and other household products.

Defective products also include those products manufactured to make our lives better such, as medical devices. Unfortunately, some medical devices approved for use can do more harm than good. This is the case with the DePuy hip recall. When DePuy introduced its hip implants, manufacturers claimed that they could last as long as other devices (15 years or more). The DePuy ASR XL Acetabular and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System have failed at a very high rate. In some cases, the hip replacement has failed soon after surgery. If you or a loved one is suffering pain, loosening of a hip replacement or other DePuy hip replacement side effect, contact an Austin injury lawyer at Stephen G. Nagle & Associates.

NAGLE’S NUGGET: A common defense a negligent party in a products liability case might raise is that the injured party altered or misused the product and that alteration or misuse caused the injury.

Austin Defective Product Injury Lawyer

Injuries from defective products can be almost anything including back and neck injuries, loss of limbs, poisoning, injuries to internal organs from defective drugs and even death. Defective product cases are often complex and require extensive investigation into the product, its defect and which party is liable. Austin wrongful death attorney Stephen G. Nagle is a specialist* in personal injury law and has the experience, dedication, and legal resources to handle all aspects of your defective product case. Contact Stephen G. Nagle & Associates for a free, no risk consultation.