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Construction accidents comprise 20 percent of all workplace fatalities, and studies show that construction is the most dangerous industry in the United States. However, construction companies should take all measures available to ensure that they keep the workplace environment safe for employees. Negligence can lead to devastating or even fatal injuries. An attorney with extensive experience in construction injury cases can help you if you have suffered an accident on the job. Austin injury lawyer Stephen G. Nagle has worked with personal injury victims for over 35 years. He will thoroughly investigate your case and help you get the compensation you deserve to live as normal of a life as possible after your accident.

Ladder and Scaffold Falls

Construction workers spend a great deal of their time on scaffolding or high up on ladders, and falls are the cause of more construction worker fatalities than any other type of event. Falls usually occur when a responsible party neglects to provide safety harnesses, netting, fall arrest systems or other fall-prevention devices. Construction workers are also at a constant risk of falling from incorrectly assembled scaffold, roofs or ladders. They may also fall into elevator shafts or unguarded holes, or through roofs or floors. Rebar, protruding objects and debris may cause them to fall as well.

Falls on construction sites often cause irreversible brain and spine injuries. Austin spinal injury attorney Stephen G. Nagle has extensive experience helping severely injured construction workers get adequate compensation for these injuries that typically require a lifetime of medical care.


When an explosion occurs on the job site, workers usually have little time to prepare, evacuate or protect themselves. Gas or propane tanks can come alight on a job site, or oil tanks at oil refineries can create huge explosions. The explosions usually cause burns, scrapes from flying debris and other injuries to those working on the site.


According to OSHA, fires injure over 5,000 people per year. Fires are particularly devastating on job sites, and most of them occur due to negligent behavior. They can cause severe injuries that can drastically affect the course of the victim’s life and the victim may never fully heal. Construction sites have a high potential for fires with hot and molten liquids, wiring, water heaters, furnaces and chemicals as a normal part of a construction site.

Large machinery, great heights, heavy building materials and flammable substances are all a part of the everyday life of a construction worker, and they are all potentially hazardous. People in charge should take every care to ensure that the site is safe. Austin injury attorney Stephen G. Nagle cares about helping injured people receive necessary compensation. If you or someone you love has been involved in one of these horrific accidents due to the negligence of another individual or company, contact the Law Office of Stephen G. Nagle for a no obligation consultation.