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Insurance I Bought My Rights

After buying into private insurance plans, many people feel like there is no one to protect their rights. When something goes wrong or you need to file a claim, are you confident that the insurance company will indeed provide adequate coverage according to your insurance contract? What happens if it doesn’t?

If you have bought into a private insurance coverage plan, it is important to know that you have rights. Your insurance carrier is legally obligated to provide you with insurance coverage according to the provisions set out in your insurance contract. Whether you are purchasing a plan, filing a claim or appealing the denial of a claim, make sure you work with an experienced insurance attorney who can protect your rights and help you get the insurance coverage you have been paying for.

Austin private disability insurance lawyer Stephen G. Nagle represents Texas clients in all types of private insurance matters. Stephen G. Nagle & Associates brings over 35 years of legal experience to every insurance claim the firm handles, as well as a firm commitment to providing individualized, personally tailored service for every client.

Private Insurance Claims

At the beginning stages of an occupational disability insurance policy or other related insurance policy, most people experience a sense of security. If anything goes wrong and it is covered under the policy, everything should be taken care of. However, it is far too common for insurance carriers to delay, limit or deny claims outright, sometimes in direct contradiction to the terms of the policy.

Attorney Stephen G. Nagle represents clients in all types of claims from private insurance carriers, including life, death, disability insurance and health insurance clams. The firm can help you at all stages, from initial filing or making an e-claim with your private insurance carrier to filing a complaint and going through the appeals process to make sure you receive the coverage you have purchased.

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