ERISA Process and Procedure


Let Austin ERISA Attorney Stephen G. Nagle Handle This Complex Process

If you suffer an injury or become disabled for any reason, your employer-sponsored insurance plan should provide you with benefits. If you file a claim for benefits and the insurer denies your claim, you might have a federal court case against the insurer under ERISA , which is the federal law that governs many of these employer-sponsored benefit plans. However, you must act quickly if you want your court case to succeed, because the deadlines arrive quickly. You must also make sure you do everything you should do during the application process itself, because the steps you take during application will affect whether the insurer denies your benefits, and they will also affect whether you can successfully appeal a denial. Austin ERISA attorney Stephen G. Nagle has decades of experience helping his clients fight for their insurance benefits under ERISA, and if your insurer denies your claim, Mr. Nagle has the experience and the understanding of ERISA to give you the best chance of obtaining your benefits.

Filing Your Claim

You will need to take various steps to initially file a request for benefits.

Filing an ERISA Claim if Your Insurer Denies Your Benefits

Once you have a denial, you must immediately file suit to appeal the denial. An ERISA claim is different from your average civil case. Deadlines can be as short as 45 days and in most instances are no more than 1880 days. This is shorter than people think, and claims involve federal law. If your insurer denies your benefits, Contact Austin ERISA lawyer Stephen G. Nagle immediately to start the appeals process. The sooner you start, the greater your chance of success. Mr. Nagle will handle your claim diligently and professionally, from your first day of disability insurance to the last day of appeal. Call today for a consultation.