ERISA Deadlines

Stephen G. Nagle Refuses To Let Your Case Slip Through The Cracks

The process of filing a claim for ERISA benefits involves very specific procedures and strict deadlines that are shorter than you might think. Your insurance policy sets forth deadlines for filing ERISA claims, and the law sets forth deadlines for appeals. Missing a deadline can mean losing your benefits. Fortunately for those in need of help, Stephen G. Nagle is an Austin ERISA lawyer who has been winning ERISA cases for years.

ERISA Application Deadlines

When you get hurt and seek ERISA benefits, you must file a claim with your insurance company. The details of how and when you must file your claim will vary depending on your policy and your insurer’s procedures.

Austin lawyer Stephen G. Nagle’s experience in dealing with various American insurance companies can help. Stephen G. Nagle can correspond with your plan administrators and help you understand your policy. He can make sure you get your claim filed correctly and on time pursuant to your insurance policy’s requirements.

Appeal Deadlines

Within a short time, usually no more than 90 days, and often less after you have filed a claim for benefits, your insurer must notify you, in writing, whether you will receive the benefits. If the insurer denies your claim, it must explain the reason for the denial. If you receive no answer within the required time, the insurer has denied your claim. Overturning a denial is difficult, however; insurance companies need only present the slightest bit of evidence to support their positions, and if your appeal has even the smallest mistake, the judge may uphold the denial. Stephen G. Nagle assists his clients with drafting appeals and organizing and presenting evidence, as well as making sure the appeal is timely. The deadlines you will face for appealing a denial will depend on the language in your policy. Your deadline could be as short as 45 days and most likely no more than 1880 days.

If you are eligible to file an ERISA claim against your provider, or if your ERISA claim has already been denied, do not waste any time. Stephen G. Nagle immediately. With over 35 years of experience, Stephen has a keen sense of where, when and how ERISA claims and appeals should be filed. Let us help you before it is too late.